Today’s FRIDAY ! FREEBIES are a selection of patterns and tutorials for making trees.

I like to have a theme for each Friday’s Freebies and this week I’m choosing trees. Now, a lot of these relate to Christmas but much of that is related to choice of fabric and color. If you choose something that does not include forest green or bright red, you can adapt these to other seasons. Light green and white and pink for spring, rust, gold, yellow and red for autumn.

tree8_farmThe Happy Trees mini quilt tutorial by Jacey at .Jaceycraft. These almost look like mini sale boats. Again, color choice could make it something for more than Christmas. You can view the instructions with explanatory photos included. However, I think unless you’ve done at least some quilting, the instructions leave out too many steps for a beginner.


 tree1Fons and Porter offers a free tree quilt pattern. You can download it here. Depending on your choice of fabrics, you can make it very ‘hip’ or quite traditional.


Tree block from Craft Passion

Craft Passion has a very basic tree design with very detailed instructions. In the photo here you can see how that simple tree can become something quite special when combined with other elements. View the pattern and instructions here.


tree3Moda Fabrics/United Notions, has an attractive Tree Farm Quilt pattern available here

tree4Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter has a pattern that is similar to the one above. Her instructions are carefully photographed and presented in a way to make it easy for almost any quilter to follow. You can see the full tutorial here,



tree10From, a very different tree pattern, and it’s free. You just need to have a Craftsy account. You can download it here.

For inspiration only, the following is not available free.

tree6I love this Duluth Trees from Frieda of FrieStyle Designs, for It’s available for download for $13.99 CND here.