Today’s post is about birds, at least about birds in relation to quilting. We have some attractive and fun ‘bird’ fabrics and patterns in store.  First let’s look at a couple of patterns and kits.

Branch Buddies Kit
Perfect for child or baby’s room. Not too large and just loveable.

Adorable Branch Buddies
Adorable Branch Buddies Kit – available in store.

Cheep Talk Pattern

Finished size is about 18″ X 18″ and you can make it as colorful or quiet as you want. This is a fairly quick project that would make a nice cushion cover, wall hanging or gift.

Birds on a Branch - Pattern
Cheep Talk – Pattern

Tom Whitney’s Great Blue Heron Kit
Tom Whitney’s Great Blue Heron Kit comes with all of the fabric to make the wall hanging. Batting and backing required. The finished size is 11.5″ X 25.5″. You can view it and order it on our website at:

Great Blue Heron Kit
Great Blue Heron Kit

Ornamental Rooster
Many years ago, I visited Bali and was surprised to see in the village where I stayed for several months, Ubud, that many men kept pet roosters. You would often see the men carrying the roosters around in the street, stroking their heads and generally enjoying their company. Unlike our standard North American roosters, they came in many colorful breeds. If you can’t get to Bali just now, we have this attractive rooster pattern or kit in store.  If you can’t visit the store, call us at 250 586-1050 to ask about it.

Rooster - available in kit or pattern only.
Rooster – available in kit or pattern only.

There are lots of bird fabrics also. Take a look at what we have below:

Batik by Hoffman

Warm Wishes  by Hoffman Fabrics
You may not realize that most fabric designers NEVER repeat their designs. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. There is one exception, this beautiful Cardinal called “Warm Wishes” offered each year by Hoffman Fabrics. I’m sure that gives you an idea of just how popular it is. We currently have it in stock.

Warm Wishes by Hoffman Fabrics
Warm Wishes by Hoffman Fabrics


And finally, Flock by Michael Miller

Flock by Michael Miller
Flock by Michael Miller

And just for fun, a photo of a parrot (or bird of your imagining) pin cushion. Wouldn’t this brighten up your sewing room?

Bird Pin Cushion
Bird Pin Cushion