MONDAY ! REVIEW – A Report from Sweet Pea and Spicey

Hi Everyone. No MONDAY ! REVIEW today. I have a few things I’m almost ready to review but for this snowy day in December, decided I’d report on the sample sale over the weekend at Sweet Pea Quilting.

Spicy checks out the newest bag!

Spicey checks out the newest bag!

The sale was a huge success with lots and lots of people coming in over the two days. Almost everything sold. There are a handful of items left and these will be further reduced so take time to come into the store and pick up a bargain for yourself or for a Christmas gift. We’d love to see you (and so would Spicey).

By the way, this batik bag kit is available here at Sweet Pea Quilting.  This one uses a pattern by Aunties Two and it is called Camden Bags. We have chosen 29 different fabulous batiks and using a new product called “ Duet Fuse” which is a precut double sided fusible strip of batting. It is already cut at 2 ½” inches wide so it nicely nestles into the 2 ½” batik strips we are using. You can see the roll in one of the pictures. Using this product has made this project a breeze so far because everything is pre cut for you.

When I saw the finished sample, I thought it must have been very difficult to make but Alvina, who made the sample, says it’s quite fun and easy. You still have time to make one before Christmas. What a welcome gift this would make.

Camden Bag - Available at Sweet Pea Quilting Parksville, BC

Camden Bag – Available at Sweet Pea Quilting Parksville, BC

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