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FRIDAY ! FREEBIES – Perfect Mitered Corners

Happy New Year Quilters! Just think of all the wonderful projects you can do this year. When I first came to quilting I noticed that a lot of quilts were finished with side bindings and then bottom and top bindings. I was more used to using mitered corners on projects. If you’re struggling with perfect mitered corners, then I have some videos to share with you. All of these are free and offer excellent and clear instructions.

The first video, one I used recently, is by Kimberly of the Fat Quarter Shop. I like this one because it’s very clear and also tells you how to do multiple borders all at once.

While I think the first video is the clearest, you may find something additional in this one from Fons and Porter. Again, they mainly talk about adding mitered borders.

The next video tells you how to add a mitered binding. It’s by Sara Gallegos of Baby Lock. Again, the instructions are very clear and I like the way she ends the binding – easier than some other methods I’ve seen. I wish I’d seen it before I did some placemats recently. This method is easy and will give you a very professional looking finish.

Hope these videos encourage you to try some mitered corners. Enjoy and happy quilting!

Ask Alvina or Go to Gail – By Appointment Only

Happy New Year Quilters!

Introducing, Ask Alvina or Go to Gail one of a number of new events we’re offering at the store this new year. This particular event will be available monthly.


When is it?
The first Ask Alvina or Go to Gail (you can see we love alliteration) will be on Thursday January 26th.

What is it?
Either Gail or Alvina, both expert quilters, will be available to help you with any quilting issues you are having, whether it be forgetting how to do something, not knowing how to do something, wanting to learn to do something (all quilting related of course – no cooking or origami classes), we will help you. Think of this as having your own private quilting tutor.

How to do you arrange this?
Just call 250-586-1050 or email us at and book an appointment. The sessions will be three hours in the morning from 9 am to 12 noon, or three hours in the afternoon from 1 pm to 4 pm. You can book sessions from 1 to 6 hours. It’s up to you.

$15 per hour of expert tutoring.

We hope this will help reduce the UFO’s and get moving forward with your quilting. Give us a call, we are happy to help. If you haven’t spent time in our store, you’ll love the friendly atmosphere and our store mascot, Spicey.  Happy New Year of Quilting!

Note: After a lovely holiday season, we’re back with our regular schedule of posts. Watch for us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as well as here on the blog.

View from the front door of Sweet Pea - Can you see Alvina way in the back working?

View from the front door of Sweet Pea – Can you see Alvina way in the back working?