Our long arm turn around time is just ten days from the day you drop your quilt off. If it’s not quilted within the promised ten days, it’s FREE. Even better, we now have a long-arm quilting loyalty card. Just ask in store.

Sweet Pea Quilting’s long-arm machine takes the “heavy lifting” out of your quilting…

Longarm Quilting Machine
Longarm Quilting Machine operated by Alvina or Gail. We have two-week turnaround on quilts.

We have a fully computerized long arm machine.

They don’t make’m any bigger than this….In the Long Arm quilting world, this machine is described as the “Ultimate Big Girl Toy”! We provide a convenient place to drop off your quilt.

We have hundreds of patterns. We strongly suggest you take advantage of a free consultation with our experts, Alvina or Gail, quilters and operators. After all those hours of work, you want to find the best pattern for you and the beautiful quilt in front of you.

How can you access our services?

Send us your quilt . Include your the following:

  • name
  • phone number
  • best time to call

Instructions for preparing your quilt for shipping

  • Quilt needs to be send in three separate layers: top, batting, backing.
  • Please ensure your batting and backing is at least three inches wider on each side of your quilt. (3″ on top, 3″ on the bottom, 3″ on the left side and 3″ on the right side).
  • Please do not baste or pin your quilt layers.
  • If you just want to send us your quilt top, we are happy to provide batting and backing from our store selection.

Ship to:

East Island Highway, Parksville, B.C.

V9P 1R5

What’s the process after we receive your quilt?

  1. We’ll call you and discuss options for quilting patterns and thread choices. (Be sure to include your phone number!)
  2. We’ll give you a price and take a credit card payment from you for quilting, taxes and shipping.
  3. We’ll get to work and ship out your completed quilt within two weeks of our telephone conversation.

What if you need to know more?

If you need to know more before you ship your quilt, you can call us at 1-250-586-1050 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. PST Monday to Friday. You can send us your questions by filling out Contact Us form from the top menu of any page.

What does it cost?

Prices for quilting cost approximately $3.75 – $4.25 per square foot plus tax and shipping.

Who Does Your Quilting?

We have two dedicated staff to quilt your quilt. This ensures we meet our turn around time each and every time!

Our turn around time is two weeks, so your quilt will be back to you in no time. Come in and we’ll guide you to the best option for your quilt.

We all love sales so we periodically have a sale on Long Arm Quilting. Don’t miss out, just fill out the “Newsletter Signup” form on the right-hand side of any page and you will then be sure you never miss one of our most popular store events.